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Best Mortgage Loan Services in Las vegas NV
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Best Mortgage Loan Services in Las Vegas NV

Cardinal Financial Michael Rosenblum is a locally owned and operated company with certified professionals to offer you best mortgage loan services in Las Vegas NV. We offer customized mortgage solutions tailored according to the client’s needs. Our professionals can help you with an adjustable-rate, fixed-rate, 203(k) rehabilitation mortgage and Government Subsidized loans.

We specialize in mortgage loans and offer the professional mortgage loan services in Las Vegas NV. We are mainly focused on fulfilling our client’s needs by carefully understanding their requirements and assisting them from applying for a mortgage to the final step of getting the home of their dreams.

Our Mission

We strive to provide the highest value to our customers and give them the best mortgage options with low-interest rates through our professional mortgage loan services in Las Vegas NV.

Our Vision

We are committed to revolutionizing the lending industry by educating and facilitating the borrowers through our best mortgage loan services in Las Vegas NV.

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We can finance non-warrantable condos at conventional prices. Issues can include Delinquent Assessments, Excessive Commercial Space, Pending Litigation, Project Occupancy, Reserves, Recreational Leases, Leased Amenities, Single Entity Ownership and more.

We can finance mobile home purchases as long as the home is permanently affixed to the lot and the lot is also for sale as a part of the purchase.

Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae both available in all states. Confirming county limits are now at $647,200 with high balance counties at higher limits. Ask me what your county limit is as a part of our conversation.

In addition to 100% financing, qualified Veterans can receive up to 5% of the total loan amount towards Closing Costs and Pre Paids. These are often forgivable loans if the borrowers lives in the home long enough and pays the mortgage on time for the life of the loan.

Cardinal offers over half a dozen Jumbo loan options up to $3,000,000. We can work with self employed, retired with assets, passive income, W2 wage earners and more.

We also provide home mortgage analysis and refinance to all qualified borrowers who wish to lower their interest rates and/or monthly payments.

203k FHA loans, are available in both Limited (Streamline) and Standard options. Limited loans cap at $35,000 and are for basic (more cosmetic) improvements, Standard loans are for larger (more structural) improvements.

Home is Possible, Chenoa Funds, Freddie Mac assistance and more are available for qualified borrowers. Many of these loans can be stackable, allowing in some cases for complete coverage of down payment, closing cost and pre paid cash needs at closing.

Up to 5% available for Closing Costs and Pre Paids available to qualified borrowers in specific

Our borrowers can also use the equity in their home to pay off bills, reinvest in their homes or withdraw cash for personal use. Your equity is your property, use it as you wish.

Our borrowers can also use the equity in their home to pay off bills, reinvest in their homes or withdraw cash for personal use. Your equity is your property, use it as you wish.

FHA loans are available up to county loan limits with as little as 3.5% down payments required. Certain loans can be completed with FICOS as low as 550

VA loans are available in all markets with loan-to-value ratios available up to 100%. HERO down payment assistance is also available in certain markets.

We can streamline refinance your VA loan as long as the benefit is there. No appraisal required.

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To evaluate your eligibility and amount of mortgage loan, you can call us and discuss in detail to know the exact figures.
Preapproval is the process of getting verified to apply for a mortgage loan.
You should start finding a home after getting prequalified for the mortgage loan.
Pay your bills on time, apply for a higher credit limit, use credit card frequently and pay credit card bills strategically to increase your credit score.
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We believe in fair trade, so we have always maintained integrity and served with goodness throughout our business career, and we win our client’s trust through our services.

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Every client has a different loan need, so we provide a customized solution for our clients and tailor plans that serve their goals within the budget.
Cardinal NMLS #66247 Michael Rosenblum NMLS #2017709
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I am able to work in all 50 states, don't hesitate to call with about any market.
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With the help of our professional loan originators, we offer expert mortgage loan originator services.
Equal Housing Opportunity. This is not a loan commitment or guarantee of any kind. Loan approval and rate are dependent upon borrower credit, collateral, financial history, and program availability at time of origination. Rates and terms are subject to change without notice. Corporate Address: 3701 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 200, Charlotte, North Carolina 28273. Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership NMLS ID 66247, for licensing information, go to  Additional licensing information can be found at:

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